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Table Rounds – Extension Activity


To encourage social and family discussions during meal times while teaching children proper table manners.

What You will Need:

Two or more players

“We love the Company” book

Playing Instructions:

•Begin by singing the Table Round song (sung to the tune of the Wheels on the Bus)

Keep the conversation going round and round, round and round, round and round.

Keep the conversation going round and round, all through the meal!

•Select the first host/hostess. That person will select a topic. Then, going clockwise around the table, the host/hostess will ask each person about the selected topic.

•After everyone has spoken, the person to the left of the host/hostess selects a topic and begins a new table round. This is done until everyone has had a chance to be a host/hostess.

•Be careful…talking out of turn will cause you to lose a turn and sit silent until the next round.

•Suggested favorite topics: table manners (do’s & don’ts); favorite foods, family trips; things for which you are grateful.

Place mat Scramble – Extension Activity

Purpose: To teach children proper etiquette and table manners. What You will Need: We Love the Company book Laminated placemat1 Place setting kit Two or more players Playing Instructions: •Show each player the place mat and describe where each item goes on the table. •Put the place mat out of sight and place all the…