Amari’s Adventure our newest title!

We are proud to announce the publishing of our latest title “Amari’s Adventure”. Amari’s Adventure is more than the story of a trip to the zoo. It’s also the story of a young child realizing her own ability to impact the lives of others, regardless of her age or size. Amari is a fearless child who is finding her voice and the power of that voice. By encouraging her curiosity and having meaningful conversations with Amari, Mama plays a tremendous role in helping Amari find her voice.

Written by The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School and Illustrated by Maurice W. Jackson, Jr., this exciting book is structured to help parents utilize the READ strategy to  help parents engage children in reading. Developed by the Atlanta Speech School the READ strategy  is a research -based approach parents can use to read books with their children. By using the READ strategy, parents can engage children in conversation, nurture, critical thinking, build language and vocabulary, and help children realize the power of their own voices.

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