Fruity Veggie Bingo – Children’s Extension Activity


To encourage healthier eating choices and to introduce new fruits and vegetables.

What You will Need:

We Eat Food That’s Fresh! book

Fruity Veggie bingo cards1

Fruity Veggie bingo call sheet1

Fruity Veggie markers or stickers

Two or more players

Playing Instructions:

•Read the We Eat Food That’s Fresh! book and talk about the different types of fruits and veggies shown in the book (over 65 different types shown).

•Give each child a Fruity Veggie bingo card.

•Encourage each child to try a new fruit or veggie using the book for suggestions.

•Place a marker in the box on the Fruity Veggie bingo card each time a child tries something new.

•Reward the child with a small prize after he/she has eaten or tried an entire row of new fruits or veggies.

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