Fruits and Veggies Makin Faces – Extension Activities


To reinforce positive experiences with fruits and vegetables. Also reinforces shape and color recognition for younger players. Game comes with age-appropriate levels of play designed for ages 5 to adult. It’s quick, it’s easy, and

it’s…worth a taste!

What You will Need:

We Eat Food That’s Fresh! book

Making Faces card game

One or more players

Playing Instructions:

•Supervised children under age 5 can play Level 1, or play a memory match

game (face up or face down).

•Young players pull from the deck and trade with opponents to make as many faces as they can.

•Mature players pull, trade, and take cards for their matches in an attempt to match the faces worth the most points. Stay alert, or you’ll miss a match that’s right in front of you!

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