Shake Mix Pound Roll – Extension Activity


To engage children in fun, creative movement activity using sequence and repetition. The interactive CD used in this game is currently featured in Head Start’s “I am Moving. I am Learning.” anti-obesity campaign.

What You will Need:

We Eat Food That’s Fresh! book

Smart & Tasty 1: Good Food Tunes CD

One or more children

Playing Instructions:

•Begin with a simple pattern of repetitious moves which speed up (or condense) as the song progresses, until you feel like you are shaking, mixing, pounding, and rolling as fast as your body will allow.

•Imagine that you are shaking and mixing a healthy salad dressing, then pounding and rolling dough for a homemade pizza. You can shake an imaginary seasoning bottle using just your hands, shake your entire body, or just specific body parts.

•Mix ingredients with the flick of a wrist, or mix with both of your hands in a big

cauldron (enough to feed an army!).

•Pound one fist into the opposite palm, or alternate pounding both of your arms and fists like you are doing the old dance, “The Monkey,” for full range of motion.

Finally, grab your imaginary rolling pin and roll out the dough, add a hip roll for more movement.


Try introducing colorful juggling scarves or colorful paper napkins to bring exciting new visual and physical aspects to this music & movement activity. The children can hold a single scarf, or one in each hand, while they work through the simple moves.

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