Does a Pumpkin Pump? – Extension Activity


To engage children and caregivers in creative movement using a play on words. This is designed to be a non-locomotor song, which means that it can be performed with your feet remaining stationary on the floor.

What You will Need:

Smart & Yummy 1: Good Food Tunes CD

One or more children

Playing Instructions:

•Move to the beat of the song.Practice the simple chorus and come up with your own creative move for the 2 simple lines:

Does a pumpkin pump? Does a pumpkin pump, up and down before your eyes?

Does a raisin rise? Does a raisin rise, right on up into the sky?

Does a turnip turn? Does a turnip turn, front to back or side to side?

Ohhhhh, I don’t know, I kinda think so. Ohhhhh, I don’t know.

•Use these examples of movements: Does a pumpkin pump? Pump your arms, legs and other body parts up and down, or in and out; Does a raisin rise? Rise up and down on your tippy toes, start with your hands at your toes and raise your hands to the sky. Or, simply sit and stand.

•Think of other body parts or everyday things can we pump, raise, and/or turn. Can the kids mimic the use or actions of those things? “I kinda think so.”

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